Welcome to Organic Microbes

Organic microbes create and sustain all life on Earth, including the oceans.

Welcome to Organic Microbes

Tardigrades, aka water bears, are the world's smallest animal. They reside in the corner of your eyes and survive out in space.

Responsive, and mobile-first project on the web
Components are easily customized
Every component and plugin is well documented
24/7 Support
Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Collaborative tools to design user experience

Use our tools to explore your ideas and make your vision come true. Then share your work easily.

  • Less routine – more creativity
  • Hundreds of thousands saved
  • Scale budgets efficiently
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We tackle the challenges start-ups face

Besides working with start-up enterprises as a partner for digitalization, we have built enterprise products for common pain points that we have encountered in various products and projects.

  • Easy & fast designing
  • Powerful features
  • User Experience Design
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